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Hello, My Name is Paul Krufchinski. I am a Serious Internet Marketer for over 25 Years. I Specialize in "REAL DEAL" Business Opportunities and Affiliate Programs that "WORK" to "EARN" You "LONG TERM" Income from Your Home Based Business Office. Being a "BABYBOOOMER" Most of my Opportunities are geared toward Baby Boomers to help them Re-Invent themselves to Earn a Residual Income to Continue to Support them thru their Golden Years. Every Opportunity I Present, I am either a Founding Member, VIP, Senior Affiliate or have a Financial Interest. Every Program I offer is fully tested to be Safe and Most are "FREE" to Join. If there are every any questions or concerns, I am only a email away at I look forward to working with each and every one of you to attain nothing Less than "TOTAL SUCCESS"!


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Our goal at Freemart™ is to develop life-long relationships based upon integrity and giving real value to our members. Our products are extremely pure and highly concentrated in order to give our members the quickest product experience possible. We also add value to our products by educating members in the area of nutrition and the four major causes of disease.


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I Truly Hope you take the time to check out these Opportunities, I look forward to working with you.